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Razer’s latest concept is a gaming chair with a roll-out display


  • Razer has unveiled Project Brooklyn, a gaming chair with a built-in rollable OLED display.
  • It also has vibration feedback and Chroma RGB lighting.
  • There’s also a Project Hazel face mask to help you get through the pandemic.

Razer isn’t just showing up to CES with new laptops — it’s also bringing two of its familiar out-there concepts to the trade show. The tech firm has introduced Project Brooklyn, a concept gaming chair with a built-in display, as well as its Project Hazel smart face mask.

Project Brooklyn appears to be a normal gaming chair at first blush, but Razer hides a 60-inch roll-out OLED screen in its backbone. You could have a fully immersive gaming experience without a room-sized setup or a VR helmet, and tuck the screen away when you just want a seat.

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You’d also get HyperSense vibration feedback through the gaming chair, Razer said. Collapsible tables would let you switch between mouse-and-keyboard and gamepad setups on the fly. And since this is Razer, you’d find Chroma RGB lighting along the seat cushions and stand.

Project Hazel, meanwhile, aims to fix some of the common problems with face masks. A VoiceAmp feature would use a built-in mic and amplifier to boost your speech and avoid the muffled sound masks can create. To cut down on waste, it would rely on rechargeable, replaceable disc ventilators you disinfect with a UV-equipped wireless fast charging box. Chroma RGB lighting, meanwhile, would help light up what’s otherwise a very functional design.

As with all Razer concepts, there’s no guarantee either the Project Brooklyn gaming chair or Project Hazel mask will reach the public. They’re not just one-off technological showcases, though. The company said it was testing the feasibility of the chair with “top esports athletes and influencers,” and it plans to fine=tune the mask through testing and feedback. Don’t be surprised if you see something like these products in the future, even if there are substantial changes.

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