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WWDC 2021: Apple launches Xcode Cloud, Object Capture, Swift concurrency for developers


Apple developers are getting new APIs including Object Capture as well as concurrency for Swift and Xcode Cloud to simplify workflows.

The company’s developer tools come as Apple’s App Store and monetization sharing are under fire from players like Epic Games. Apple noted it has paid $230 billion to developers and is adding App Store features that will give more marketing tools to creators.

Details about the developer tools will be outlined in WWDC 2021 sessions this week, but Apple highlighted the following.

  • Object Capture, which enables all developers to create 3D objects within minutes from 2D photos. With images from an iPad or iPhone, MacOS Monterrey will be able to import the photos into Cinema 4D and generate an augmented reality preview on location. Wayfair was cited as a customer. Object Capture is a feature in RealityKit 2.
  • Swift, Apple’s programming language, will get concurrency so apps can be responsive to user input and work in the background. Concurrency will enable developers to take advantage of multi-core processes. SwiftUI is also bolstering user interface development with low-code tools.
  • Xcode Cloud will launch a cloud workflow tool that will only store products but enable developers to scale across the Apple product line, find and fix issues and enable easier testing. The idea is that developers can work without switching tools when building, testing, and distributing apps. Xcode Cloud is built into Xcode 13.
  • In-App Events and Custom Pages will enable developers to better target and connect with users. Developers will be able to showcase app events.

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